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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Although Steamboat Springs is a small town, it is known for tourism. As a ski resort, ranching and historic area this town in Colorado of only 10,000 residents is also known for the mineral springs that are located here. Many people visit for the therapeutic aspect of the springs. Mount Werner is one of the mountains for skiing and Howelsen Hill is the ski jump.

The Tread of Pioneers Museum has a large collection of exhibits that will give you an idea of the way the pioneers used to live in this area. The history of the town is traced from the beginning to today. There are two Victorian homes that have been restored and many firearms that have been collected. The Southwest Indian display is an impressive collection.

Since this area of Colorado is known for the tourists it attracts, there are many events going on at all times of the year. The activities will be for adults as well as children. This Colorado town celebrates for every occasion they can think of, for no occasion in particular and events for every month.

One of the attractions is the Amaze’n Steamboat Maze. This is a maze that will take you through all types of paths designed to make it a fun-filled adventure to try and find your way out. The top of the observation point will allow you to look down at the maze and watch as people turn and turn trying to find the exit. Add a botanical garden, free concerts and a historic bridge to round out this vacation destination.


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